Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

DocuGuard is committed to serving as an expert resource for its current and potential clients. To help you better understand our services and make the best decision when choosing a records management solution for your company, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and provided helpful answers.

Scroll down for answers about Records Storage and Management and Document Scanning and Imaging.

Records Storage and Management

How do I know it’s safe to store my sensitive records off-site?

You should always tour a potential records storage facility to verify security processes, confidentiality policies, and fire protection systems. Make sure documents and files are stored on shelving units rather than on pallets. Ask for client references so you can speak with someone who has used your potential vendor.

What are the advantages of storing my records in a commercial records centre?

A commercial records centre is designed exclusively for the long-term protection of paper documents. Climate controls and monitoring keep conditions ideal for the preservation of your records In contrast with a self storage facility, all access to the records centre is limited to screened records management professionals. Your documents and files are handled and managed only by trained experts using industry-leading methodologies.

Why should I store my records with a PRISM International member?

Records storage and management providers that have chosen to become PRISM International members are committed to applying best industry practices to their services. All members adhere to the organization’s code of ethics and invest their time and energy in developing resources that contribute to the industry’s body of knowledge.

How does barcoding work?

When your records are stored in a commercial records centre, barcoding enables your information to be easily located and quickly retrieved. Barcodes are affixed to your files in order to track them during storage, retrieval and return. Each time a record is picked up, stored, and delivered, the barcode is scanned for a complete audit trail of all activity.

How to I retrieve a box or file from storage?

Records retrieval requests can be made online or by phone any time. After receiving your request, we retrieve your box or file and deliver it to you in an alarmed, GPS-tracked vehicle.

What if I need a record after hours, on the weekend or during a holiday?

You have access to your off-site records inventory 24/7/365 days a year. DocuGuard’s retrieval and delivery services are always available to support your needs.


Document Scanning and Imaging

What are the advantages of digitizing my documents?

Converting your paper records to electronic documents enhances your workflow capabilities. Digital files are stored, retrieved and distributed electronically, helping your organization be more efficient, productive and to control costs.

What types of documents can be scanned?

In addition to standard-size paper records, we scan and convert all types of documents–including microfilm and large format architectural and engineering drawings–into easily stored and managed digital files.

Do you outsource your scanning and imaging services?

We do not outsource or subcontract our services. Your entire imaging project is handled by professional, screened DocuGuard scanning technicians at our local facility.

Do I need to supply you with equipment or supplies?

No, we use our own professional scanning equipment and software to digitize your documents. We even handle pre-scanning file preparation for you, such as removing binders, folders, staples and clips.

What if I need a document during the conversion process?

Your information is always available during our imaging and conversion process. We can quickly retrieve and deliver your documents during any phase of your scanning project.

What does OCR mean?

OCR stands for “optical character recognition.” We use specialized OCR software during scanning to convert the text in your documents so you can search them by subject, date, keyword or phrase.

Can my digital files be imported into my document management system?

Yes, your digital files can be imported into your preferred document management application. We assess your software requirements so your scanned documents seamlessly integrate with your system. We also offer our own proprietary document management application which enables your digital files to be easily viewed, retrieved and distributed.

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